Near By Locations

Oceanfront, Oceanview, spectacular sun sets, great views of the Northwest bay, 100 feet above see level, oldest port under the American flag.

Punta Borinquen Golf Club

Under 5 miles radius:

  • Las Cascadas Aquatic Park
  • Scenic golf course
  • International Airport
  • Surfing
  • Gas Chamber Best surfing in PR (5 minutes walking)

Crash Boat Beach

  • Wilderness site of the 1988- World Championship
  • Rincon (25 minutes) site of the 1968- World Championship
  • Snorkeling Paradise (5 minutes walking)
  • Scuba diving (also Desecheo Island)
  • Crashboat beach in the top 10 in PR (5 minutes walking)
  • Kayak
  • Windsurfing
  • Jet skies
  • Whale Watching rides (Rincon)
  • Others

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